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1 Diving Hard Crank Bait Fishing Lure 3.7" (9.5cm) in eight colors

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This crank bait swimmer lure comes in 8 assorted colors shown and dive to a depth of 1'9" – 5'9" feet.
These lures are 3.7” inch long and have #4 high carbon steel treble hooks and rattler BB's.

Product Features:

  1. These fishing lures create life-like swimming action in water.
  2. Bright colors, easily attract fish in the water.
  3. The triangle barbed hooks increase the likelihood of landing fish.
  4. Easy to use with proper cranking technique and retrieval speed.

Model Number: CB020-Color
Diving depth: .6 – 1.8 Meter / 1'9” – 5'9" Feet
Fishing hooks: High carbon #4 steel hooks
Eyes: 3D eyes
Bait Length: 9.5cm / 3.7” in.
Bait Weight: 14.6g

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery ( Out Fishing Today - Grizzly )

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