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30 Piece set Minnow Crank bait Artificial Fishing Lures 1" - 3.7" (2.6cm - 9.5cm)

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Get all 30 Pieces, This set of lures is manufactured to target Bass, Walleye, Redfish, and Speckled Trout. These lures feature high quality construction, dual anti-corrosion sharpened hooks, stainless steel split ring and simulated fish scale.

This set includes 30 lures in 4 different sizes with high carbon steel hooks.

Model FSA1 :   5.8cm/4.1G (8pcs) = 2.2" Inch
Model FSA2 :  9.5cm/11.2g(9pcs) = 3.7 Inch
Model FSA22 :  8cm/7.9G (6pcs) = 3.1" Inch
Model FS0229:  2.6cm/1.6g(7pcs) = 1" Inch

30 piece set in one pack, 4 kind of lures in total.
Fish-catching multi bright colors. 
Realistic scale patterns to attract attention.
3D eyes and lifelike swimming action. 

Material: ABS & Carbon steel

Package List:
30 * Fishing Lure

Model Number: FS0659ZH Lure

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery ( Out Fishing Today - Grizzly )

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